Niké Victoria of Ragstet

Niké Victoria of Ragstet

Color: chocolate
Variete: colorpoint
Birth date: 2. 9. 2012
Blood group: A
Genetic code: bbDd
HCM and PKD: N/N
Pedigree: ... viz Pawpads
Photogalery: Niké

This cat is daughter of our Destiny and European Champion Aaron from cattery Orlitia. She inherited nice color from mother and beautiful deep blue color of her eyes from his father.



Litter N from Destiny


Our Destiny has got next three beautifull kittens today. She seems to be patient and carefull mother of them as with previous litter. Father of this litter is European Champion Aaron from cattery Orlitia and kittens have got highest weight of all our kitens born before. We think Destiny looks very proud and we are proud to her, again!