Actual litters

Litter T

Our Niké has kittens born at mid of June. Their father is Iddy. From five kittens three are boys and two girls. They all are growing well and Niké is carefull mother. In care she found helper in her mother Destiny. Kittens could be color seal or chocolate (rarely blue or lilac) and variete varieta bicolor or colorpoint.
You can see news and their pictures on our FaceBook.

IC Iddy Black Pearl Orlitia Niké Victoria of Ragstet
IC Iddy Black Pearl Orlitia Niké Victoria of Ragstet
seal bicolor (true) - BbDd chocolate colorpoint – bbDd
Litter "T" born June 7th 2018 Status
Tweety Tweety Tone of Ragstet*cz
♂ RAG c 03
lilac bicolor
Loves "hunting" after siblings. at new home
Tobby Tobby Shadow of Ragstet*cz
♂ RAG b
chocolate colorpoint
First came to you and nestle in your hands. at new home
Toffee Toffee Jewel of Ragstet*cz
♂ RAG b 03
chocolate bicolor
Really handsome! at new home
Tequila Tequila Night of Ragstet*cz
♀ RAG n
seal colorpoint
Full of energy - like a dragon! at new home
Tiny Tiny Love of Ragstet*cz
♀ RAG a 03
blue bicolor
Must to love her! at new home

Kitten reservation

If you have concrete requirements for your new ragdoll friend, you can use preliminary reservation via our e-mail We will answer you message as soon as possible. Thanks.