About us

Welcome on web pages of our ragdoll cattery!

We are glad you visited our web and we hope you will find what you need regardless your wish is to own a new pet for your family or find a new blood for your cattery or you are just browsing the internet.

Ragstet is small family cattery registered at international organisation FIFe. Our cats live with us over all rooms of the flat. They are following us from one room to another as we moved because they love our companion (and we theirs). Our cats are fully socialised, loving people and true radoll behavior.

Healthy, peace and competency of our cats is mandatory for us. It begins with quality food, regular veterinary care including vaccination and preventive testing for HCM or PKD and ends with everyday lovefull care from every member of our family.


And how it starts? Once upon a time ... we (especially our sons) missed lovely friendly pet and cat seemed to be the right choice. But as usually things gone another way... Starting to evaluate different cat breeds from nature point of view it was most important for me to choose cat which is sociable, cuddlesome, playful and without aggresive characteristics. During the search I have found Ragdolls. They meet all my expectations and - over that - they were unbelievably cute!

Then was everything very quick. I have found web presentation of Orlitia cattery with picture of kitten that could not be resisted. Next step was visit at cattery which confirmed our feeling of ragdolls and last but not least deep blue eyes of our first cat - Mafia Blur Star Orlitia.

Although et the beggining was the idea of our family pet, Mafia convinced us very soon we should go further when she has got nomination to BIS (Best in Show) on the firts exhibition.

Of course it couldn't end with the only cat and we could not imagine living without our cats today. We found them our real friends and they brought something warm into our life.