IC Kiwimagic Destiny of an Angel

IC Kiwimagic Destiny of An Angel

Color: chocolate
Variete: colorpoint
Birth date: 8. 9. 2010
Blood group: A
Genetic code: bbDd
HCM and PKD: N/N
Pedigree: Pawpads
Photogalery: Destiny

This chocolate princess came to us from New Zealand, from well known cattery Kiwimagic. Destiny (alias Angie) is lovely queen with true ragdoll chracter.


Date Place Class Result
7.5.2011 Brno 11 (kittens 6-10 months)) Ex1
14.5.2011 Most 11 (kittens 6-10 months) Ex1
17.7.2011 Ústí nad Labem 9 (open) Ex1, CAC
29.7.2011 Praha, TK Sparta 9 (open) Ex1, CAC
30.7.2011 Praha, TK Sparta 9 (open) Ex1, CAC
16.10.2011 Praha, KS 7 (champions) Ex1, CACIB
22.10.2011 Weiden (DE) 7 (champions) Ex1, CACIB
9.3.2013 Praha 7 (champions) Ex1, CACIB
10.3.2013 Praha 5 (interchampions) Ex1, CAGCIB, nominace BIS



Litter N from Destiny


Our Destiny has got next three beautifull kittens today. She seems to be patient and carefull mother of them as with previous litter. Father of this litter is European Champion Aaron from cattery Orlitia and kittens have got highest weight of all our kitens born before. We think Destiny looks very proud and we are proud to her, again!


Kittens opened eyes


Kittens are growing very well and have alredy opened their eyes. Two handsome boys and three beautifull girls have started to discover the world and would like to investigate all visible from their their bed. Destiny is very carefull and any trial to escape ended with her assistance. See more details on Actual litters.


Kittens growing well


All Destiny's kittens are growing very well and their weight rises sucesfully. Destiny is nice and carefull mother and Iddy sometimes came to proudly check the kittens. Our Mafia is a little jealousy and she growl to us ot them who are complimented the kittens. They started to emphasize their colors and variets. See details on Actual litters.


Litter M from Destiny


Destiny has got five beautifull kittens today. She seems be patient and carefull mother of them. Kittens immediatel started to suck a milk and Destiny is satisfactionally purring. We think she looks very proud and we are proud to her, too!

Destiny examined by vet


Our vet has examined Destiny with portable ultrasonic device. She will have at least five kittens, but six or seven is also probable. Videorecord is available on our Planned litters web page.

Champion is also Destiny


Our chocolate princess reach in her age of 11 months title Champion and she also took from judges nice marks with judgement „Very promising“. Destiny - many thanks and we believe you will not fail in the future, won't you Destiny?


Successful show in German Weiden!


We were this Saturday at cat show in Weiden in Germany. Despite dark fog from early morning we were in time at the place. Iddy was judged as first in his cathegory and Destiny was third. Judge Steven L. Jones from Norway sid that Iddy is perfect with his body development, quality of coat and eye color. Iddy has got title of Interchampionand Destiny her second CACIB. That was a great success. Iddy and Destiny thanks a lot! We are proud of you both!!!

CACIB for Destiny


Destiny reach the first CACIB on Prague cat show in Congress Center. Destiny! Congratulation!!